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Unlimited in the value we bring

Limited in the clients we work with, Unlimited in the value we bring.

Our team came together for the purpose of bringing true and honest value to our clients. We were tired of pricing projects, only to have to re-evaluate the building because 100% of the time it was over budget. Now we just Value Engineer upfront, provide true pricing, watch over our client’s best interests and work tirelessly with general contractors to make sure we are in budget and on time delivery.

It is our desire that our clients see value in our services and understand that we are completely devoted to helping them build a building that meets and exceeds thier vision.

  • 30+ Years in Steel Industry
  • Multi-Family and Hospitality Markets
  • Solutions Tailored to You

Our Services

Business Development

In business development, we provide added resources to general contractors, so together we can provide design-build solutions.

Project Management

We work with the contractor staff, surveyors, subcontractors and vendors to facilitate completing the corresponding work scopes in accordance with the schedule and budget of your project. We review shop submittals for all Division 5 specifications and details.

Construction Management

We oversee all subcontractors under Divison 5 performing under contractual agreements and aid to help them meet scheduling demands.

Full Structural Engineering Services

We provide Value Engineering through the design process for the entire structure. This includes foundations, podiums, and residential structure. One engineer is assigned to your project from start to finish.

Pre-Construction / Estimating

We assess the schematic phase to determine alternative structural systems to use on your project and provide pricing on various structural systems. These include pre-fabricated load bearing CFS walls, floor systems, metal trusses, and structural steel, so that you can make an informed decision on which system to implement.

Installation of Major Components

Partnering with Metal Framerz, allows us to provide the entire Division 5 scope under a single contract, or materials and installation separate contracts if the client prefers.


Augustine streamlines the management process through the integration of BIM in design and construction. Working with our partners to provide minimal conflicts during construction.


Augustine designs are routinely more buildable and more cost effective – because we understand everything from conception, to design, fabrication, and erection.


Augustine provides alternative systems that may have not been under consideration. This allows time and money to not be misused pursuing familiar solutions that frankly are not feasible.

The Value We Bring

From Start to Finish

Augustine Group, LLC was created with the purpose of bringing true and honest value to clients. We became tired of pricing projects, only to have to re-evaluate the building because 100% of the time, it was over budget. We wanted to put a stop to that!

Together, we can look at your project and determine an accurate budget the first time. Before you begin your project, you should feel confident you are not going to receive a pile of changes by the end. Instead, you should know unless YOU choose to change something, what you see is what you are going to get. With us, that is exactly what you are going to get.

Standards and Guidelines

We take safety seriously. As a company in full compliance with all OSHA regulations, we also provide extended training for all of our subcontractors.
Simply put, you cannot have too much safety training.

We host daily safety meetings, weekly safety inspections, and monthly safety reviews. A site specific safety plan is implemented from the beginning and continuously reviewed. Common areas of concern include:

  • Fall Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Rigging and Signal Training
  • Standard OSHA Jobsite Requirements


We are proud to say we are a benefactor for Camp Sunsine, a non-profit dedicated to helping kids with cancer feel like kids again since 1983. They offer individual programs from pre-school to young adults and family programs for parents and siblings.

The RALLY Foundation is a second non-profit we support in every way possible, including silent auctions and financial donations. This foundation was started when CEO Dean Crowe asked an 18 year-old a simple question. "What can I do to help?" The response, "...fund the best research wherever it may be."

The Our community involvement extends to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta as well.


Recent Projects

Who We Work With

Consulting firm representing owners, general contractors and subcontractors best interest in developing their projects.

Asian American Hotel Owners Association
Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute
Skills Framework for the Information Age
Build Steel
American Colleges of Healthcare Sciences
Candence McShane Construction
Cold Form Steel Engineers Institute
Charter Medical
Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta
United States Marine Corps
Frito Lay
Gables Residential
Hampton Inn
Landmark Properties
Lochsa Engineering
National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying
Nucor Corporation
Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau
Project Management Institute
Structural Engineers Association of Ga
  • Trust and know-how.
  • Owners seek firms with experience and a track record focused on their goals and trusting them to provide solutions.
  • Owners and general contractors want alternative design and building solutions. No more “staying the box”, painfully spending more money on redo's.
  • General contractors are losing unskilled labor, causing delays and cost overruns. They want to beat construction schedules, not slow them down.
  • Clients want trusted advisors.
Steel construction has many attributes that meet the demands of the Healthcare and midrise sector. Routinely, these attributes are used to deliver modern, cost effective, and sustainable efficient buildings. Key attributes of steel construction relevant to these sectors include:
  • Faster Construction
  • Design Flexibility
  • Structural Strength
  • Lifetime Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency
Augustine Group, LLC was created in March of 2016. While we seem young based on the year the business was legally created, we have been around for many, many more. Rakesh Patel, owner of Augustine Group, LLC has been in the industry since 1994 with team members having been in the industry since 1975. We have seen beautiful projects come to life. We have been part of the team that brought these beautiful projects come to life.

    Long-span steel construction creates column-free space and allows internal partitions to be configured on the floor plan to meet the current and future needs. Shallow floor systems can provide a ‘flat’ soffit without down-stand beams and permit complete flexibility of layout of internal walls. Light steel internal walls can easily be relocated, leading to fully adaptable buildings to meet future needs.

  • Reduced site preliminaries
  • Creation of a rapid dry envelope for early fit out
  • Installation of modular or pre-fabricated services
  • Earlier ROI

Factory-controlled production is used to improve construction quality. Off-site construction reduces dependency on site trades and is less prone to delays as a consequence of inclement weather. Steel does not suffer from creep or shrinkage, and does not rot or decay. Modular components, such as bathrooms and ‘clean rooms’ achieve much greater levels of quality (compared to traditional on-site construction) and can be commissioned and/or tested off-site.

The use of prefabricated components means that construction periods can be reduced compared with concrete construction. Benefits can be achieved by:

  • Reduced site preliminaries (site management costs)
  • Creation of a ‘rapid dry envelope’ for early fit-out
  • Installation of modular or pre-fabricated services
  • Earlier return of investment